2016 Diploma in Ceramics. TAFE, Hornsby, Australia (2014 and 2016). 
1989 Propedeuse (propaedeutic diploma) Academy of Fine Arts (1988-1990), Maastricht, Netherlands

2017     TAFE Plus Statement in Open Studio Practice - at TAFE Hornsby NSW (February-June).
2017     Statement of Attainment in Ceramics - Surface Treatment course at TAFE, Hornsby NSW (March / April 2017)
2017     Throwing lessons from Maarten Damen at Camac-machi Studio in Roermond, Netherlands (January 2017)
2016     Katherine Mahoney Workshop at the Central Coast Potter Society (Saturday 27 / Sunday 28 August)
2016     John Tuckwell Workshop at the Central Coast Potter Society (Saturday 18 / Sunday 19 June)
2016     Cathy Franzi workshop at the Central Coast Potter Society (Friday 15 - Sunday 17 July)
2014     Somchai Charoen workshop at the Central Coast Potter Society (Saturday 16 / Sunday 17 August)

Artist statement

My artistic work draws to a large extend on my academic work and own experiences, but I also draw insipration from the colourfull, dreamy world of (my) children, imagining a world that is free from violence and trauma.   
Drawing upon my anthropological research on ethnic, religious and gender violence, a part of my work aims to convey stories of surviving violence and how these affect the ongoing construction of the self (subjectivation). I am particularly interested in space, and how it shapes bodileness as it creates meaning and acts as a mediator between the fragmented self, the body and its outer world. Space is also the field of tensions between the body as an autonomous individual entity and the body as a relationship. 
Through ceramic vessels and forms whose bodies have been altered and modified, and various kinds of surface treatments, including paintings, I want to address themes such as the construction and unmaking of the self and the fragmented (relational) body, exploring the interaction between identity, space, and struggles of belonging and becoming.  

At the same time, (perhaps as a way to counter the more darker aspect of my work), I love making work that is colourfull, and full of fantasy and magic.